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Fortify Your Mt. Fuji Climb: Create Your Own Go-oh Stamp for a Safe Journey

Updated: Jun 24

"Fuji-ko" is a group of people who deeply respect Mt. Fuji as a sacred place and climb the mountain every year to offer their prayers. The Oshi welcomed travelers from all over Japan who came to participate in the Fujiko journey. They opened up their homes, got ready for the climb, and performed prayers in front of

their home shrine. One of the things that Oshi did for the people was "Go-oh Printing," which was like a lucky charm to make sure that they could climb to the top safely. You can experience making your own Go-oh Printing.

① Apply ink on the stamp and carefully place it on the cloth.
② After spreading it evenly with a baren, peel off the cloth.
③ Complete the process by having Oshi apply the red-colored stamp to the printed cloth.

At the Oshi’s house, they have a fancy place where they put gifts for the Fuji-ko, and people come to show their respect to Mt.Fuji.

Booking the Experience


Where to experience


5-12-7 Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi 403-0005
TEL: 080-5494-7892
14-minute walk from Fujisan Station
8:30 - 20:30
Free Wi-Fi
Free Parking

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