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The Mt. Fuji Times

Unique Travel Magazine in Mt.Fuji


The Mt. Fuji Times

The Mt. Fuji Times: MFTimes is a guidebook filled with subculture information for inbound travelers exploring Mt.Fuji area. We not only cover mainstream tourist spots but also introduce unique places like hidden gems and more. The theme is "How To Get Lost in Mt.Fuji." Japan's mysterious Mt.Fuji has many hidden charms and intriguing aspects waiting to be discovered. Through FYTimes, we aim to share the magnificence of Mt.Fuji with the world.

Our Writer

Hiroshi Miyazaki

Editor & Publishing Producer

Born in Kobe, this individual started a dual-location lifestyle 20 years ago after working at a major publishing company. Sixteen years ago, he completely transitioned to living in Fujiyoshida City and embraced a remote lifestyle. Currently, they hold the position of editorial supervisor at the publishing house closest to Mt. Fuji.


Mf.  Fuji Times

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